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If you want a nice night out in Malden that won't break the bank then try Ristorante Serena

Friday night we wanted to go out for dinner, but didn't want to head towards the city so we decided to try Ristorante Serena. After driving past it many times we decided to just go try it and we were very happy.

We got there around 7pm and there were a good number of folks there. It seems like a place that has a local following. They do take out as well, we saw the local firemen stop in for their pickup. By the time we left at 8:20 the place had filled up and a few tables had turned over.

The things they don't tell you on their website:

There is parking in the back. To get there you turn in to the bank lot.

We did walk by the door and had to double back. They share an entrance with Panda Castle.
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As the traffic report said "thank good there is no rain or sun glare today".....TRAFFIC IS BORKED!!!

Post from mobile portal
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I just found out about a program that I think is really cool. MasSAVE Energy Loans There is a program that can qualify you for a 0% APR loan for up to 7 years!!!

If you are planning on doing a home improvement in 2009 that would qualify you might want to call and check it out. The program ends on December 31 2009.

**I have posted to open rather than local so if a non-local has a Mass-friend you can let them know about this**
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Comcast vs FIOS




Specific plans or features you like?

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The maps showing today's cloud cover do not jive with the optimistic report saying today would be partly sunny. It looks as gray today as it has for weeks. Only change is the intensity of the gray out there.

**blah** is what I say.

I am OK with thunder storms. In fact I like them, but they are suppose to be an interruption to a sunny day, not a main feature of a gray day!!
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There is a phone near me that has been ringing for almost 10 minutes now. It is getting to the annoying point and kind of ridiculous.....
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The Ephemeral Gallery at 18 Pleasant Street Bar Harbor, Maine



New Paintings by Heather Thayer

Recycled Steel Vessels by Mic Kestner


Artist’s Reception

Saturday,  June 13,  5  - 8pm


Gallery Hours

by appointment,  June 14 – 19

call  207  266  8561



Hill no. 1, oil on birch panel,

15 x 15 inches, 2009

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School vacation week rocks.....25 minutes door to door and had 80% green lights.
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Do you have some folding chairs that I can come borrow for a few weeks? Need to pick them up tomorrow or Wednesday for use on this Thursday and the following Thursday.

Comment here or better yet email me as responding in LJ is hard for me during the day. username at livejournal dot com get do my personal email.
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I was number 45 to cast my ballot. No lines it was nice and easy.

Not all locations will be that easy but I do hope others vote even if it is a long wait.
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With keeping the speed to 55-65 (mostly highway), and coasting in neutral on the down hills I got my mileage to read 501.7 before the gas light came on :)

I plan to fill up tomorrow to see what I am getting per gallon. My last fill up was 37+ miles/gal and I am expecting in the 40s for this one.
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I am not sure if this is too much or really cool.

The website with images. LMAO.
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Grabbed from [ profile] limbodog

The AFA has created a website with an auto-email submission link for the purpose of letting visitors tell Hallmark Greeting Cards chairman Hall that they will be going to their competitors on the news that Hallmark has created a new line of cards for gay marriages.

Would it just be terrible if a whole bunch of people from the internets used it to tell Hallmark that they supported their decision?
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+ Great Seats
+ Great Company
+ 4 home town homeruns
+/- Lots of runs to watch
+/- The rain cloud in Boston sat over Fenway Park, only a little rain.

--- Really long game

Over all the evening was wonderful, but I sure am tiered now. This having to get up for the day job thing is getting kind of old ;)
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4 people
+ 4 phones
+ 2 simultaneous phone conversations
+ 1 in same car conversation

= Dinner planned
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Mot much more to say other than very glad I am inside right now.
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Any one have some electrically conductive tape? I could use about 6-inches and really don't want to have to buy a role.
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[ profile] sierraluna just send out an email she received and I thought others might have some interest.

On Sunday, June 22nd, from 1 to 4 PM, the SRWA, in partnership with the Andover Department of Community Services (DCS), will be hosting our 6th annual canoe safety and paddling demonstration at Pomps Pond in Andover. This event is free and open to the public. Well behaved children accompanied by an adult are welcome.

More Details )
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Well my car in in the shop today.

It has needed rear breaks for a really long time and so I bit the bullet. After my window fiasco the dealer gave me a laundry list of things my car "needed". I supplied that list to my shop and asked them to evaluate what I "needed".....well the good news is the dealer has a very different definition of "need" than my shop does.

I am still going to be out a chunk of change*, but my car will be safe to drive again.

*Not the $2500+ the dealer would have charged me for the "needed" work.
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I would be Ok if my nose decided to clear up today.

In general it has not been too bad, except for sleeping. I wake up coughing and can't make it stop. Last night I resorted to the Sudafed drugs to clear up the nose, but my system does not like them. I ended up in a very light dream state sleep, not the most restful.

I know it is not as good, but I think I need to try to new "Sudafed PE"


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