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The front desk at my office has tootsie roles.....

....they are so yummy and addicting....
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I had a quick window to take care of some weekend errands last night and hit Target just before closing time. As it is habit I checked the soda isle and there is was, a single extremely broken 12 pack of coke with lime. One of my 12 was sitting on the shelf and had to be slipped back into the package.

So now I have 12 cans of crack....god this is not going to be enough....what a tease.
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It is a very sad week this week. The coolers at work seem to no longer have regular coke with lime. The supermarkets stopped carrying it a few months back. I emailed coke to find out what what going on, yes I am that addicted, and they said that they still made it but it was up to the local distributors. Was I the only one buying it?

As I could still get it at work I was OK. Every day at noon I could get my fix. Those days seem to be over. I have not asked my cafeteria manager if the coke with lime has truly run out (He did start buying it because of me) and I don't think I really want to know the answer :(

So goodbye for now. Maybe folks will wise up and start stocking it again. Or if it is sold in your part of the country let me know and I can visit.


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