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I could totally go for a nap in the sun today.
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Ling Ling, Japan's oldest giant panda, dies of heart failure

I am glad I got to go to the Ueno Zoo while Ling Ling was there, despite it being a very rainy day. Sounds like Ling Ling had a good life and will be well missed.
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Here is a link to an earlier post with many more details. I know that tickets are going, so if you don't have yours yet and want to be sure to have one for you at the door you should buy it today!!

The list of food and desserts I have seen look fantastic so do the auction items and other events planned for the evening.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there and the friends you bring with you.
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As to be expected MLB is not giving many details, but as of now the sox are on the bench.

We shall see if they get on the plane to Japan.....
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ENSMB & The Madcap Rumpus Society
in conjunction with Paulo Adams Auction Services
A Benefit Auction & Fund Raiser
Thursday April 3rd!

Come One Come All!!!

Immerse yourself in carnivalesque calamity!
Associate with acrobats! Converse with contortionists!
Dine with dancers! Fraternize with freaks!
Be prepared to part with your money in the name of a good cause!!!
We'll honk and holler for you and you'll help us
bring our circus mayhem to the Greater Boston area!

A full evening of entertainment has been planned including Silent & Live Auctions, Dinner generously catered by Whole Foods, Custom Truffles from Truffleupagus inspired by ENSMB & MRS, Cash Bar, Chair Massage from Major Massage, Performances throughout the night, and a chance to win ENSMB itself!

Auction items include but are not limited to:
(We accept cash, checks, Master Card & Visa.)

- Work from local artists and artisans, knit goods, and culinary delights
- Red Sox/Yankees tickets
- Cupcake of the Month Club (12 cupcakes a month, for 12 months), from Three Sassy Bakers
- Massage Certificates from Abi Harper and Matt Major of Major Massage
- Tickets to Theater At First's spring show, Much Ado About Nothing
- Clockwork Pendant from Silver & Indigo
- Glasswork from Danielle Sucher and Dave Turner, jacks of all trades
- Personal aerial silks lesson tailored to your skill level, from Liz Manicatide of The Silkworms
- Web design or consulting services from Catya Belfer-Shevett
- Brew Your Own Beer Lesson, from Ry Strohm-Herman & Meg Grady-Troia

Thursday April 3rd 2008
371 Summer St, Somerville, MA
Tickets $20

or by clicking here

More information about our mission can be found here
Donations can be made by contacting
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A reality TV show I can get behind.

If folks know geeky 18-19 year olds who have the summer to be in Boston pass on the link. This does sound like a cool opportunity and a great way to learn and add a meaningful bullet to the resume.
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I had a nice bottle of vanilla commit suicide on me today.

It leapt to its untimely death from the fourth shelf of the cupboard.

It is a sad day.

It will be missed.
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My food filter has been kind of slow lately, but I have started cooking again and have at least one post I want to put up so I remember what I did and can make it again.

This is an opt in filter open to anyone on my f-list Food

If you want in, let me know by commenting on this post. If you are not sure if you are in yet I tag the posts with food so you can check that.
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I am a sports fan (see icon), but I have to say it is nice to see the front pages with news on them today and not all football.

*no comment on the quality of the news
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I have snow, rain and hail going on outside my window.

I am very happy to be inside right now.
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I was planning on not having caffeine until lunch today.

I caved.....I know I will need to be on the juice this weekend. Next week is when I will start cutting the habit back....maybe.
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The Laptop comes with Windows Home Vista.....

Anyone know if I can dump vista off this thing and put Windows XP on?

I know that I will need to wipe the drive clean and have a full version of XP to do this.....then find any missing drivers.....

What should I look for to see if I might have an XP-hardware conflict before I try this?
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Seems there is no one out there screaming as the perfect person for me, or even close....interesting and looks like a good place for me to start some research....

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
2. Barack Obama (71%)
3. Dennis Kucinich (69%)
4. Hillary Clinton (68%)
5. Joseph Biden (67%)
6. Christopher Dodd (66%)
7 to 29 )
30. Stephen Colbert (campaign ended) (11%)
href=]Visit the 2008 Presidential Candidate Selector
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You can go see the images I uploaded here

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Ok I know it only just after 11, but I am ready for a nap.

I very much enjoyed the Red Sox win, but can we start the games at 7 please?? The extra hour is just killing me.
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Today is David Ortiz Day.


May the calm take over and the power shine true.
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